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Золотой дождь, Орал, Ретро, Разное, ФетишA Taste Of Piss / Писс на вкус (Color Climax)

A Taste Of Piss / Писс на вкус (Color Climax)

Уникальная мега-подборка короткометражных порнофильмов от студии “Color Climax” – таких возбуждающих, хотя и прошло столько лет!
Unique mega-collection of short porn movies from the Studio “Color Climax” – such exciting even after so many years!
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроThe Best of Caught from Behind 4 (1989) VHSRip

The Best of Caught from Behind 4 (1989) VHSRip

A torrid trek to the ultimate in erotic pleasures is laid out for you to enjoy in this, our fourth fiery installment from 'The Best of Caught From Behind.' Fair haired beauties like Lynn LeMay and Bridgette Bleu will amaze even the most jaded porn fans with their wanton willingness for back door pleasures! Massive Rambone returns to the screen as sexy siren Sabrina takes him for every enticing inch, and then begs for more! These are only some of the erotically amazing highlights you'll see in this incredible full length tour-de-force of forbidden pleasures. 'Caught From Behind' has long been one of the hottest series out there, and with this fourth feverish collection, you'll know exactly why!
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроRetail Slut (1989) VHSRip

Retail Slut (1989) VHSRip

Shop ‘til you drop with the big boods of beauty Busty Bell. This girl will use her mountains to her full advantage. Also in this one, are sex kitten Jacqueline and newcomer Tianna.So pull out your charge card and siam it to Retail Slut !
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроPleasure Palace 2 (1989) VHSRip

Pleasure Palace 2 (1989) VHSRip

Video Teresa Orlowski № 7044.
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроPleasure Palace 1 (1989) VHSRip

Pleasure Palace 1 (1989) VHSRip

Video Teresa Orlowski № 7041.
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроOral Majority 7 (1989) VHSRip

Oral Majority 7 (1989) VHSRip

This is an erotic classic porno. Seven scenes of hot sexual heat with nothing but classic porn stars. Manly men and sexy, beautiful women all for you'll viewing pleasure.You will without a doubt enjoy the scenes in this movie. How oral are you? The tongue and lips are absolutely essential, that's what's required and that's what you'll get.
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроNaughty Neighbors (1989) DVDRip

Naughty Neighbors (1989) DVDRip

Victoria Paris stars in this lascivious look behind the closed bedroom doors of a typical American suburb. She plays the sex-crazed daughter of yuppie couple Cheri Taylor and Robert Bullock, bringing her curvaceous appeal to a pair of red-hot romps. Victoria enjoys a lusty lesbian liaison in her parents' hot tub with buxom gal pal Kassi Nova in one early scorcher. This doesn't seem to satisfy this carnal cutie, though, so Victoria next hooks up with football stud Tom Byron in a feverish fling. It's not just Victoria who's enjoying herself in this heated housing tract -- her parents just happen to be salacious swingers who savor extramarital glee. Bullock gets down and dirty with gorgeous girl next door Aja, whose supercharged responses drive the scene to a frantic finish. Meanwhile, Cheri's seducing a pair of hunky roofers. While hubby's away, she might as well play! Their son (Jon Dough) is no slouch when it comes to freaky fun, romping with busty Trinity Loren and Mandi Wine in a pair of pulse-pounding plunges. If you thought that the suburbs were just a quiet place to raise a family, think again. In this come-hither community, the neighbors are naughty and the soccer moms are always ready for action!
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ХХХ Фильмы, РетроCockoramic Injections (1989) VHSRip

Cockoramic Injections (1989) VHSRip

Video amateur Christian Guerlain (Christophe Clark) is sending the intimate sex games with his wife Claudine (Sandrine Marove) via the house antenna. All this by accident of course, but the neighbours can watch the couple having kinky sex now. Turned on by the hot new programme the neighbours get horny, but also chief inspector Roquefort (Yves Baillat) gets a hard-on ... – A spicy Hardcore Comedy, dirty and funny showing some of VT0´s horny topstars who also like to come through the “backdoor” sometimes ...
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